VIDEO: Alexander McQueen’s Final Collection

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Here’s a video of McQueen’s last bow. The presentation was only seen by 12 people, so the video shows you the collection in pure detail. Total, complete, absolute brilliance. Look at the craftsmanship, and the SHOES. Amahzing…


Tonight, Lady Gaga Brings Back The Landline And The Music Video

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At exactly 11:30 pm, little monsters all over the world will affix telephones to their heads and watch as the highly anticipated music video for Lady Gaga’s new joint “Telephone” drops. Hey, everybody, that’s right after Project Runway! So at least if Project Runway doesn’t make it work, you’ll still have this to look forward to!

If you’re like me and have been listening to “The Fame Monster” since it dropped last November, you’ve been dying to have a video for “Telephone.” If you haven’t heard it, stop everything you’re doing and go listen to it RIGHT NOW. I promise that when you put “Telephone” on one time you’ll be like, “Oh this is a massive hit.”

“Stop callin’, stop callin’ I don’t wanna think anymore. I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.” YESSSS. It’ll give you multiple dance-gasms. Annnnnnnd it has Beyoncé it in, too!! Get it? Beyoncé did “Video Phone” and put Lady Gaga in it, and now The Lady does “Telephone” and puts Bey in it. Two of my favorite bitches in a single song. I’m having moment.

Everybody is excited about the video because it has taken f-o-r-e-v-e-r to be released as a single. Despite all those fancy performances of “Speechless,”  this is only the second single from The Fame Monster. But also, The Lady is building up her own hype around the thing: the video isn’t premiering on YouTube or whatever, but on E! and they’ve been talking it up since the Oscar’s. Plus, after the video premiers, there’ll be an exclusive interview with The Lady where she will undoubtedly philosophize on the video and all the couture and face masks therein.

This is a totally brilliant pop strategy, if you ask me, because she’s creating an “Event.” How performance art-y is that?!?! “What I like about it is that it’s a real true pop event. When I was younger I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that’s what I wanted this to be.” Now that we don’t have TRL or music videos anymore for that matter, Lady Gaga is taking us waaaaay back to World Premiere videos at 3PM on TRL with Carson Daly. It’s time to get old-school. So quick, everybody – throw out your iPhones and HDTVs!

The “visually stunning” masterpiece is nine minutes long – faaaaaaaabulous – and picks up where “Paparazzi” left off. Gaga has even said that she feels sorry for the “Bad Romance” video, because “Telephone” is so much better.  Can’t. Wait. Judging by the couture alone, the video will be massive. I’m wearing a telephone on my head right now in celebration.

If you don’t have cable, don’t worry, monster. The video will be available on VEVO and LADYGAGA.COM at Midnight for you to watch over and over and over again. Click.

Did Anybody Else Think Louis Vuitton Was Boring and Matronly?

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Usually Marc Jacobs does some really exciting stuff and I find myself thrilled to see just what he’ll do next. Oh but not this time, Marc! The show was discombobulated and all over the place. It reached for a 1960s vibe a la Mad Men, but if you ask me, Prada did it better…

There were a few things I totally dug from the collection – like the clean, fresh faces, almost “no make up.” And I dig that black and white old-school television static coat, and some of the handbags were really interesting.

And I love this look, the gloves, the skirt, everything. It feels like what a 1960s high society gal would wear right now.

But I just didn’t “get” the rest of the collection. Like…what the hell is going on with that pastel floral dress? I hate the print…actually, I hate everything about this look. It’s supposed to be 1960s, Mad Men. I get it. But overall the collection was inconsistent – some pieces were great and some were just kinda eeh.

The good news, though, is that Vuitton used different types of models, such as “curvy” and “older” models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Elle Macpherson, so like that part’s cool or whatever.

Alexander McQueen’s Last Collection Is Fabulous

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Alexander McQueen’s final collection was only shown to twelve people in Paris this week as a memorial/presentation. The collection combines history and modernity, taking inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights other works of art from the fifteenth century and mixing it up with the contemporary. It’s an exquisite collection – so beautiful that all that stuff that looks like mere printed fabric is actually patterned and hand woven. Also: the boots are kind of amazing. You will see them everywhere.

The final look features a fabulous coat made of painted gold leaves – absolutely stunning.

Even though McQueen wanted the label to continue after he died, you have to wonder who could the Gucci Group possibly find to continue this house? How do you replace an artist of this caliber? I hope it doesn’t become like Jil Sander or Helmut Lang…

Lady Gaga Is Basically A Lesson In Iconography

March 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

This piece is from the Yale Daily News Scene Blog. Check me out there, too!

You know you’re a pop icon when some dude can draw you on a cookie — and everybody still knows it’s you! A little while back, two little monsters celebrated Her Gaganess by making a batch of cookies based on her various outrageous outfits. Faaaabulous. « Read the rest of this entry »

High Fashion Knows No Gender

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

Alexander McQueen, SS2009

This piece originally appeared on Splice Today.

My favorite menswear designers—Ann Demeulemeester, Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens, Rad Hourani and Raf Simons, among them—have three things in common:

1) An overwhelming use of black (a cloud of total darkness, to use my fave metaphor).

2) Voluminous, amorphous and formless shapes (Is it a skirt? A man-dress? A cloak?).

3) Androgyny (just say yes to Gender Fuck!).

I’ve always been drawn to the idea that so many high fashion collections are unisex, even if that isn’t the designer’s full-on philosophy. Less interesting, to me anyway, is that women wear unisex pieces or clothes designed for men. Not to be flippant, but I think the men who wear and get away with unisex high fashion are fascinating. And come to think of it, most every man’s high fashion collection has elements of androgyny and gender bending in it. Why? « Read the rest of this entry »

SURPRISE! Tyra Banks Goes Weave-Less On the Next Season of ANTM

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Iconic drag queen Tyra Banks has told WWD that she’ll be au natural on this season of America’s Next Top Model, going weave-less the WHOLE season. Wow. In our Age of Total Weave, where almost errrbody has some kind of weave up in they heads, this is risky!!!

It sounds like a huge deal – I mean, what is Tyra without her many complicated weaves?!?! – but it’s not really, because Tyra’s natural hair is long and beautiful as it is. That’s why her lace-fronts look so good!!! You know, it’s sort of funny how she’s making a huge deal about going weave-less – is this supposed to give some, like, empowering message to women? Is it saying: “Hey ladies, don’t be slaves to your weaves!”


I think it’s more that she’s trying to look slightly less drag-queeny this season. But whatever. Weave is fabulous. Men and women should both walk around in weaves, carrying a personal fan pointed at their face for that really dramatic effect.