FABULOUS: Maison Martin Margiela Now Makes A Clutch Out Of Gold, Candy

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Do you have $850 dollars? Good – then rush on over to Margiela and pick up your very own bright gold candy clutch. Bling! It’s couture, so it’s obviously worth the investment. Man I bet both Warhol and Duchamp are exploding with delight right now. This hot “it” bag is totally an example of what my advisor Joseph Roach talks about as the superfluousness of accessories. I mean basically, bags like these are fabulous because they’re useless! No use in weighing down couture with, like, keys, wallets, lipsticks, cotton balls, condoms, tampons, or whatever else goes in there. I always say that the less sense a couture piece makes, the better it is. Only normal people need functionality or that, like, “useful” stuff.

Hmmm… I’m actually thinking about how many months behind I can get on the cable bill to afford this thing…


Did Anybody Else Think Louis Vuitton Was Boring and Matronly?

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Usually Marc Jacobs does some really exciting stuff and I find myself thrilled to see just what he’ll do next. Oh but not this time, Marc! The show was discombobulated and all over the place. It reached for a 1960s vibe a la Mad Men, but if you ask me, Prada did it better…

There were a few things I totally dug from the collection – like the clean, fresh faces, almost “no make up.” And I dig that black and white old-school television static coat, and some of the handbags were really interesting.

And I love this look, the gloves, the skirt, everything. It feels like what a 1960s high society gal would wear right now.

But I just didn’t “get” the rest of the collection. Like…what the hell is going on with that pastel floral dress? I hate the print…actually, I hate everything about this look. It’s supposed to be 1960s, Mad Men. I get it. But overall the collection was inconsistent – some pieces were great and some were just kinda eeh.

The good news, though, is that Vuitton used different types of models, such as “curvy” and “older” models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Elle Macpherson, so like that part’s cool or whatever.

Alexander McQueen’s Last Collection Is Fabulous

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Alexander McQueen’s final collection was only shown to twelve people in Paris this week as a memorial/presentation. The collection combines history and modernity, taking inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights other works of art from the fifteenth century and mixing it up with the contemporary. It’s an exquisite collection – so beautiful that all that stuff that looks like mere printed fabric is actually patterned and hand woven. Also: the boots are kind of amazing. You will see them everywhere.

The final look features a fabulous coat made of painted gold leaves – absolutely stunning.

Even though McQueen wanted the label to continue after he died, you have to wonder who could the Gucci Group possibly find to continue this house? How do you replace an artist of this caliber? I hope it doesn’t become like Jil Sander or Helmut Lang…

Fashion Legend Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

February 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

The “Enfant Terrible” of the fashion world Alexander McQueen has taken his own life. McQueen was found in his London flat this morning just days after his mother passed away. McQueen had experienced a lot of loss lately, especially after losing BFF Isabella Blow in 2007, who committed suicide after discovering she had ovarian cancer. Blow helped catapult McQueen to international stardom.

This is a sad day and a terrible loss for McQueen’s family and loved ones, as well as for the fashion industry. McQueen has always been one of my favorite designers – there is such a beauty, futurity and excitement in his designs. To all the rest of us, it looked like he was on top of the world. Who knew that he could create such greatness in the midst of so much sadness.

With New York Fashion Week starting today, I can’t help but wonder if McQueen was trying send a message?

Louis Vuitton Now Even Makes Trash Bags Look Really Fabulous

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This piece originally aired in the Yale Daily News

You gotta love Marc Jacobs. Louis Vuitton’s latest “It” bag is the “Raindrop Besace,” yours for only $2,000! And guess what? It’s basically a giant trash bag! No joke.

The Besace is made from coated canvas, meaning it’s, like, waterproof — just in case you need a designer bag to take with you through the rainforest or whatever. The bag comes in brown or gray. And if you really want to be hip, just pop off the straps and carry it around by the drawstrings, like you’re taking out the trash! What’s that joke about being fabulous even in trash bag??…

I love this bag because it’s super conceptual. But what’s the, um, social commentary? Is it about the current status of luxury goods? Is it about how glamazons are so thirsty for labels that they’ll easily shell out $2,000 for a “trash bag”? Perhaps! But then again, who cares? It’s couture.

Haters will be all, “This bag is hideous. Why would anyone pay so much for a garbage bag?” Helllllooooo. That’s why it’s fabulous. And I’ll bet you $5 it’s already sold out.

Chanel Debuts A Line of Fake Tattoos

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First there was Chanel’s couture helmets, then came Dior’s couture Christmas tree. And now, you can get couture tattoos! Starting March 1, Chanel boutiques all over the world will be selling body art. Fake body art was all the rage at Rodarte and Jean-Paul Gaultier. It will be the most expensive piece of dirt! Are you gonna get one??

How Much Would You Pay To Intern At Versace?

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Hey, glamazons! Fashion powerhouse Versace is auctioning off an internship in its New York office. Current retail value? $3,250! Isn’t that fabulous? Most interns in the fashion industry work for free. But now, you have to pay to work for free!  I smell a Intern Pays To Work At Versace Then Writes A Tell All Called THE DEVIL IS A BLOND BITCH. Break out those Visa’s, bitches!

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