Fox News Says Lady Gaga Makes Child Molesters Very Excited

March 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

The highly reputable and equally cultured folks over at Fox News are lighting a fire under Lady Gaga’s ass. Sandy Rios, the Grand Wizard of The Culture Campaign, claims that Gaga’s new video for “Telephone”- which you have obviously seen by now – is much too racy. Porn! Lesbians! T+A! A chopped off cock! “Telephone” is poisoning our youths, so much that on Monday CNN reported that MTV banned Gaga. Fabulous! Fox News Correspondent Sandy Rios thinks the video should be banned from all media outlets, period. And that’s not even the best part. Apparently, all those child molesters out there who watch “Telephone” – i.e. your next door neighbor – will only want to prey on your children even more after seeing the video. So I guess you should really be on the look out.

God I love Middle America – because people like Sandy Rios remind me why I basically refuse to leave New York.

Truth be told, I bet Gaga is totally salivating in all this controversial chatter. She made the video to piss people off, and at the same time, you could make a case that the poison themes in the video are about how Idiot Americans like Sandy Rios and all her Uber Christian BFFs believe that Gaga alone is responsible for poisoning youths. Wow, it’s like Gaga knew people would react this way before the video even came out.

Just shows you once again how Warholian Gaga is, Warhol who once said: “Oh I don’t care what they say about me, I just measure it in inches.” And baby, with “Telephone” Gaga is collecting column inches by the second.


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