Marc Jacobs Is Over Celebrities

February 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to create a hot new trend. Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs business partner, tells that there won’t be any celebrities at Marc’s show during Fashion Week. Why not? Um, because the new trend is that celebrities are boring.

I’m not into the celebrity thing or anything, like we used to do. You know, it’s like, that’s boring.

Last year celebrities weren’t invited to Marc’s show, either, but Lady Gaga and Madonna just happened to pop up. And, what, are you gonna tell The Lady and Her Holiness no?

Leave it to the world of fashion to be like, “Hey, um, celebrities are out this season.” It seems like a way to save money, I guess, since designers pay lots of money for celebrities to sit in the front row. Which I think it kind of dumb, anyway. I mean, you should go to the show because you want to and because it’s fabulous, not for a paycheck, you skallywag!

And at least that means we will forfeit our chance to see “Snookie’s” snookie as she crosses, uncrosses her legs in the front row.

I don’t really buy this, though. I mean, fashion shows are kind of like art openings in that nobody really goes just for the fashion. It’s about being faaaaabulous. Maybe that’s why Marc did it – to refocus the attention on the fashion. Kudos to you, Marc! No matter what, though,…everybody knows that The Front Row of  is usually stocked with just the right kind of celebrities to get the right kind of media attention to get the clothes in the press, etc, etc, etc. Hey, you can pout about the celebrification of pop culture all you want to, but just face it:  we live in an image world now, and there’s no turning back!


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