High Fashion Knows No Gender

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

Alexander McQueen, SS2009

This piece originally appeared on Splice Today.

My favorite menswear designers—Ann Demeulemeester, Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens, Rad Hourani and Raf Simons, among them—have three things in common:

1) An overwhelming use of black (a cloud of total darkness, to use my fave metaphor).

2) Voluminous, amorphous and formless shapes (Is it a skirt? A man-dress? A cloak?).

3) Androgyny (just say yes to Gender Fuck!).

I’ve always been drawn to the idea that so many high fashion collections are unisex, even if that isn’t the designer’s full-on philosophy. Less interesting, to me anyway, is that women wear unisex pieces or clothes designed for men. Not to be flippant, but I think the men who wear and get away with unisex high fashion are fascinating. And come to think of it, most every man’s high fashion collection has elements of androgyny and gender bending in it. Why? « Read the rest of this entry »


SURPRISE! Tyra Banks Goes Weave-Less On the Next Season of ANTM

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Iconic drag queen Tyra Banks has told WWD that she’ll be au natural on this season of America’s Next Top Model, going weave-less the WHOLE season. Wow. In our Age of Total Weave, where almost errrbody has some kind of weave up in they heads, this is risky!!!

It sounds like a huge deal – I mean, what is Tyra without her many complicated weaves?!?! – but it’s not really, because Tyra’s natural hair is long and beautiful as it is. That’s why her lace-fronts look so good!!! You know, it’s sort of funny how she’s making a huge deal about going weave-less – is this supposed to give some, like, empowering message to women? Is it saying: “Hey ladies, don’t be slaves to your weaves!”


I think it’s more that she’s trying to look slightly less drag-queeny this season. But whatever. Weave is fabulous. Men and women should both walk around in weaves, carrying a personal fan pointed at their face for that really dramatic effect.

FASHION WEEK: Jeremy Scott Is Basically Fashion’s Duchamp

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This piece originally aired on the Yale Daily News Scene Blog

You’re just chilling at a hot frat party when all of a sudden this girl rolls up into the room and she’s wearing a, like, Snickers dress. No. For real — the dress has the same color scheme and logo as a Snickers bar. Hmm. So you’re just kind of unsure if she’s dead serious or if this event has just become a costume party. But it’s couture, so it’s serious.

That’s the thing I love about Jeremy Scott — you’re never really sure if he’s joking. He’s sort of like Duchamp, when the artist first put up a fucking URINAL as a work of art. Um … freak out? « Read the rest of this entry »

Marc Jacobs Is Over Celebrities

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Leave it to Marc Jacobs to create a hot new trend. Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs business partner, tells Style.com that there won’t be any celebrities at Marc’s show during Fashion Week. Why not? Um, because the new trend is that celebrities are boring.

I’m not into the celebrity thing or anything, like we used to do. You know, it’s like, that’s boring.

Last year celebrities weren’t invited to Marc’s show, either, but Lady Gaga and Madonna just happened to pop up. And, what, are you gonna tell The Lady and Her Holiness no?

Leave it to the world of fashion to be like, “Hey, um, celebrities are out this season.” It seems like a way to save money, I guess, since designers pay lots of money for celebrities to sit in the front row. Which I think it kind of dumb, anyway. I mean, you should go to the show because you want to and because it’s fabulous, not for a paycheck, you skallywag!

And at least that means we will forfeit our chance to see “Snookie’s” snookie as she crosses, uncrosses her legs in the front row.

I don’t really buy this, though. I mean, fashion shows are kind of like art openings in that nobody really goes just for the fashion. It’s about being faaaaabulous. Maybe that’s why Marc did it – to refocus the attention on the fashion. Kudos to you, Marc! No matter what, though,…everybody knows that The Front Row of  is usually stocked with just the right kind of celebrities to get the right kind of media attention to get the clothes in the press, etc, etc, etc. Hey, you can pout about the celebrification of pop culture all you want to, but just face it:  we live in an image world now, and there’s no turning back!

Fashion Legend Alexander McQueen Commits Suicide

February 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

The “Enfant Terrible” of the fashion world Alexander McQueen has taken his own life. McQueen was found in his London flat this morning just days after his mother passed away. McQueen had experienced a lot of loss lately, especially after losing BFF Isabella Blow in 2007, who committed suicide after discovering she had ovarian cancer. Blow helped catapult McQueen to international stardom.

This is a sad day and a terrible loss for McQueen’s family and loved ones, as well as for the fashion industry. McQueen has always been one of my favorite designers – there is such a beauty, futurity and excitement in his designs. To all the rest of us, it looked like he was on top of the world. Who knew that he could create such greatness in the midst of so much sadness.

With New York Fashion Week starting today, I can’t help but wonder if McQueen was trying send a message?

American Apparel Says Your Ass Is Worth $300

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This piece originally appeared in the Yale Daily News

Want to be an ass model? Okay, put down those Ho Ho’s! American Apparel wants to make your ass the hottest ass in the world. Curious? All you do is have a BFF take a picture of your cheeks in American Apparel underwear. The top ten asses get voted on by us, the Internet, and the winner will receive…wait for it…a grab bag of stuff from American Apparel worth $300 plus a trip to LA.

$300?! ARE YOU TELLING ME MY ASS IS ONLY WORTH $300?!?! I love American Apparel and everything, but this is kinda sketch. I mean, if you’re gonna use my ass in all your ads, I’d expect at least $5,000 of, like, real money. And why is the contest only open to women? There should totally be a separate contest – The Best Male Package in the World. Mmmmhmm!

Louis Vuitton Now Even Makes Trash Bags Look Really Fabulous

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This piece originally aired in the Yale Daily News

You gotta love Marc Jacobs. Louis Vuitton’s latest “It” bag is the “Raindrop Besace,” yours for only $2,000! And guess what? It’s basically a giant trash bag! No joke.

The Besace is made from coated canvas, meaning it’s, like, waterproof — just in case you need a designer bag to take with you through the rainforest or whatever. The bag comes in brown or gray. And if you really want to be hip, just pop off the straps and carry it around by the drawstrings, like you’re taking out the trash! What’s that joke about being fabulous even in trash bag??…

I love this bag because it’s super conceptual. But what’s the, um, social commentary? Is it about the current status of luxury goods? Is it about how glamazons are so thirsty for labels that they’ll easily shell out $2,000 for a “trash bag”? Perhaps! But then again, who cares? It’s couture.

Haters will be all, “This bag is hideous. Why would anyone pay so much for a garbage bag?” Helllllooooo. That’s why it’s fabulous. And I’ll bet you $5 it’s already sold out.

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