Ciara Gets Boo’d At Givenchy

January 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

This piece originally aired on the Yale Daily News Scene Blog.

Paris Fashion Week is here! My BFF John Galliano over at Christian Dior made an equestrian inspired collection that bored Suzy Menkes to death. Proving that couture is no joke, Chanel showed a jacket made of 13,000 satin flowers that took 1,300 hours to make. Fabulous! What on earth would life be like without couture?

But leave it to a diva to mess it all up. R&B “singer” Ciara arrived 40-minutes late to the Givenchy runway presentation. The audience was so peeved they “boo’d” the skank. I mean – hi – they held the show until she arrived. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say. Fashion’s all about making a fabulous, dramatic entrance. Truth! But when you’re the muse of the house – as in, when you basically created the collection, it is not cute to show up that late!

When Ciara finally brought herself to go to the show, she wore a look straight from the catwalk – look 21, in its entirety. Now, before I say anything else about it, I just want to preface: I love Givenchy. But this look is a hot mess. I mean piping hot. What’s going on with those lightning bolts? Couture can be ugly, if it’s fabulous. And this look totally missed the mark.

Maybe that’s why Ciara came late. She couldn’t bear to be seen in such fugly. Cute shoes, though.


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