Ciara Gets Boo’d At Givenchy

January 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

This piece originally aired on the Yale Daily News Scene Blog.

Paris Fashion Week is here! My BFF John Galliano over at Christian Dior made an equestrian inspired collection that bored Suzy Menkes to death. Proving that couture is no joke, Chanel showed a jacket made of 13,000 satin flowers that took 1,300 hours to make. Fabulous! What on earth would life be like without couture?

But leave it to a diva to mess it all up. R&B “singer” Ciara arrived 40-minutes late to the Givenchy runway presentation. The audience was so peeved they “boo’d” the skank. I mean – hi – they held the show until she arrived. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say. Fashion’s all about making a fabulous, dramatic entrance. Truth! But when you’re the muse of the house – as in, when you basically created the collection, it is not cute to show up that late!

When Ciara finally brought herself to go to the show, she wore a look straight from the catwalk – look 21, in its entirety. Now, before I say anything else about it, I just want to preface: I love Givenchy. But this look is a hot mess. I mean piping hot. What’s going on with those lightning bolts? Couture can be ugly, if it’s fabulous. And this look totally missed the mark.

Maybe that’s why Ciara came late. She couldn’t bear to be seen in such fugly. Cute shoes, though.


Even BFF Cornel West Is Mad At President Obama!

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We fought for a black president, and now we have one! But even the Black Intelligentsia is pissed off at President Obama, now. Brother Dr. Cornel West released this short Wake Up Call to President Obama to DO SOME SHIT. I mean, I have to say that the dude’s only been in the office for a year, and there’s a lot of shit to fix. It’s partially his fault by making us think he had the magic wand to wave all problems away, immediately. He can be a great president, he just needs to like DO SOME SHIT! I really hope President O. see’s Cornel’s message, since obviously they are BFFs.

That State of the Union tomorrow better be good. Don’t get Apple’s major product announcement/Paris Fashion Week steal the thunder!

Lady GaGa On Oprah, Oprah Works It Out To Bad Romance

January 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

Despite the news that Lady GaGa collapsed yesterday due to exhaustion at Purdue University, the ever-fabulous diva appeared on Oprah today for an interview and performance. The best part of the video, though, is midway through when the camera catches Oprah jamming with her monster claws out! Work, O! In the rest of the interview, GaGa dishes all on her outfits, her pop cultural performance, and tears up the house with a medley of her hottest songs. I’m telling you, GaGa is really working it out. I love how she connects high fashion, art, pop culture, and I really love how she does consider herself a performance artist. Take that, art world!

It’s high time I write an academic journal article on her, before somebody else less fabulous beats me to it.

Supermodel Gisele Gives $1,5 million to Haiti!

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Gisele, who is so fierce that last year she raked in $35 million dollars, wrote a check to the Red Cross in Haiti for $1,5 million dollars to aid the relief effort there. Not impressed? Then you should know that Gisele’s $1,5 million donation is MORE than what Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, or American Express each put in the pot. See? Supermodels are fabulous and generous!

Conan Says FUCK YOU To NBC

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The fight of the Nighttime Divas is on! Conan recently released a statement saying that he would not host The Tonight Show after Jay at 12.05. What do you think will happen next? Personally, even though I prefer Jay over Conan, I still think Conan should pack up and move the show to another network. Better yet, Conan should pull an Oprah and open his own damn network. BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE DIVA.

The claws are out. The weave is on the floor. Let the fight for The Tonight Show begin!

A New Romance On GLEE?

January 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Some clever cartoonist out there came up with Fox’s hottest couple: Puck and Kurt The Gay Dude! Hehe, work those opposite ends of masculinity! Fill those traditional gender stereotypes! Who wouldn’t want to see The Couture Fag get got by the Big Bad Straight Dude. Now that’s Glee.

Vampire Weekend’s California English Is BRILLIANT

January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

OMG! Vampire Weekend is set to officially release their sophomore album on January 12th. I found a YouTube clip of one of the album tracks, “California English,” and it’s kinda majorly brilliant!!!!!!! Ezra lends his voice to autotune – but wait! Before you roll your eyes at the overuse of autotune in music recently, you can barely understand the words!  Like…the way he uses it, it’s almost like he’s making fun of autotune. Give it a listen, and I dare you not to want to get up and dance!

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