Nicole Richie To Star In New Show – Loves It

December 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

My favorite celebuspawn Nicole Richie is coming back to TV, ya’ll! Richie, who once upon a time shared the primetime screen on the ever hilarious “The Simple Life,” will star in a new single-camera, half-hour comedy as “a professional woman with complicated family relationships and struggling to figure out what role she’ll take as her life and her family evolve.” Well, that sounds sorta lame. Never seen that story line before. But! Hopefully it will be super high fashion. Or…Maybe Rachel Zoe will make a cameo?!?!? Anyway, Nicole Richie is such a diva and incredibly hilarious in her natural state. I hope they don’t take that away from her. I always worry that scripted shows make naturally hilarious people less so. But if it’s anything like Modern Family, which is scripted but doesn’t FEEL like it, I’ll totally shit on myself.


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§ 2 Responses to Nicole Richie To Star In New Show – Loves It

  • Complete unrelated. Good line from that web show I’ve been writing about (“Buppies”), which btdubs you should watch because it’s glamorous:

    Girl: “She’s like…the black Nicole Richie.”
    Hairdresser: “Nicole Richie IS black, honey.”
    Girl: “What?! F’real?!”

    I suppose she is, technically speaking. But, meh, who cares.

  • weddingnoise says:

    Will Tiger Woods play as her husband….just kidding

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