Praise The Lord! New Karl Lagerfeld Couture Helmet Hits The Boutiques

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

At long last, fashion’s lord and savior Karl Lagerfeld has released an exclusive line of couture helmets. Following the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, Lagerfeld teamed up with Les Ateliers Ruby for a one-off collection of luxury biker helmets. Yay! I’ve always hated helmets, and it’s the #1 reason I refuse to ride a bike. But, like, these are ultra fierce. They even come with an iPod connector! Now you never have an excuse to be out of style on your Vespa. Unless, of course, you can’t afford the $6,800 price tag. In true luxury style, there are only 12 of these helmets in the world, which virtually guarantees that nobody will be as fabulous as you when you get to the party.

What’s really interesting about these helmets is the trickle down effect – now helmet designers the world over are going to go bananas about how to create interesting headgear. These helmets basically create a new market: the luxury helmet. So while you may not in fact be fabulous enough to buy a $7,000 helmut, don’t fret! H&M is sure to come out with a $50 one in 2010!

That’s why I go against scholars and people like Walter Benjamin who argue that fashion’s greatest power is it’s ability to predict the future. Fashion doesn’t so much predict the future as it tells us what we are going to want. Imagine having that kind of power.


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