Watch Out ! Facebook Will Get Your Health Benefits Snatched

November 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oops! A Canadian woman suffering from major depression just lost her health benefits because she was seen partying at Chippendales on Facebook.  When the insurance company saw the pics, they up and stopped paying. No warning. So when our depressed hero called the insurance peeps, they were all, “Bitch, we know you can work. Yo’ ass ain’t sad, don’t even front.”

Why can’t people learn to make their profiles private!? Sheesh! I started teaching my first class at Yale this year to undergraduates, and the first thing I did was make my shit invisible. Not that I, like, regularly post incriminating pics from strip clubs to my Facebook or anything. But Suzy Q don’t need to know what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with. Once I skipped class to go to the Zero + Maria Cornejo show during New York Fashion Week. Told the prof I was in the hospital or something. Meanwhile at the show, I took tons of photos with my iPhone but realized it would not be the smartest idea to post them!

Facebook is such a tricky thing, because it’s both a networking tool (I got my first freelance writing gig through Facebook) and a space of self-fashioning and self-creation. Sometimes I flirt with making my profile totally unsearchable, but then I’m like, well what if somebody wants to reach me!??!



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