Beyoncé to Release New Album in 2010!

November 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Looks like the ever-fierce Beyoncé is coming out with a new album in 2010. On the last leg of her “I Am…” tour in the UK, B apparently told the crowd:

“I’ll see you in a year with a new album.”

Yay!!! This girl just doesn’t stop!

I’m really curious about the direction this new album will take. I felt like “Sasha Fierce” was totally schizophrenic. Does she want to be a Gay Diva (Radio); a ghetto hoochie momma (Video Phone) or a pop star (Single Ladies)????!?!?!? WHICH YOU IS IT, B???

There’s a reason “Sasha Fierce” doesn’t have any consistency: Beyoncé is not really all that creative! Sure, she has a lotta money to hire the best folks out there, and she can sing and has plenty of fierceness, but you can’t buy creativity. As I said in a talk I gave about her last year at Columbia University, Beyoncé just finds whatever is hot and steals it. It’s totally genius, just not very interesting. Case in point: Lady Gaga is hot = Beyonce puts her in the Video Phone video.

Hmmm. If her collab with Lady Gaga on Video Phone is telling, maybe on the next album she’ll take a page out of the Lady Gaga Handbook and slit her wrists on stage wearing a chrome orbit…


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§ 4 Responses to Beyoncé to Release New Album in 2010!

  • I think you’re 100% right. Is the difference between Beyonce and Madonna that Madonna made trends while Beyonce followed them? Or did Madonna similarly borrow trends and just “Madonna” them?

    • madison moore says:

      That’s a super great point about Madonna. I think people would tell you that she “invented” trends, but actually when you think back to one of her earliest successes, VOGUE, I mean, that was completely poached and popularized from the black gay voguing community in New York. In some ways, I think Lady Gaga is so much more original. Certainly she borrows from Andy Warhol, but I’m seeing her crystallize into something past that now.

      • Shannon says:

        I’m not sure that “poached” is the right terminology here. Like it or not, when Madonna did “Vogue,” she opened the eyes of the world to what was going on at balls in queer New York. Most people have never seen Paris is Burning, yet there’s a good chance they’ve all seen Willie Ninja dance in the “Vogue” video.

        Don’t get lost in the world of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Gaga also bring the queer, borrowing heavily from Barry and Bette, Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi and a host of other performers that you have to scratch beyond the surface of Factory and Studio 54 to find.

  • lovebug35 says:

    haha, I agree with you.

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