The Wanda Sykes Show Is A Hot Mess

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Why isn’t Wanda Sykes ever funny when she needs to be?!?!

I just watched episode numero deux of The Wanda Sykes Show. But, like, I have a feeling Wanda’s about to get canceled. Wanda, girl – better pay your water bill now before yo’ shit gets cut off!! I’ll see u at the check-cashing joint.

Wanda, u know I love u and I would have, like, 10,000 of your babies. But the shit’s not funny. And I know you know it’s not funny, either. I mean, I think I eeked out a “hee” or two, but you are the funniest damn dykon on the planet. I should be rolling over in a bed of  sequins unable to contain myself.

Oh well. At least the format of the show is inneresting: “celebrity” guests sit at “Wanda’s Bar” and drink liquor – haaaaaay!  A tranny fierce, fierce tranny drag queen is the on-stage, off-screen presence. I kinda want to hear what s/he has to day.

If you ask me, the show is trying way too hard to imitate the inimitable Chelsea Lately. The raunch. The roundtable. The weird side-kick. Wanda: stop trying to be funny, and just be funny.

Or maybe Wanda just doesn’t translate to the local networks. I think she’d be better – and have more creative freedom – on E!

All’s I’m saying is: Our comedic Lord and Saviour has been given more pointless roles than Jennifer Lopez. I would just love to see her on a show that doesn’t get canceled.


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