Rihanna Out-Fierces Sasha Fierce

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Better watch your back, Sasha Fierce! Looks like a new fashion bitch is in town.  One of my favorite fashion icons is making the publicity rounds, ‘cuz her next album is about to drop. So she needs to be all over the press, natch. And what better way to draw attention to yourself than wearing increasingly ridiculous clothes?

Apparently, our beloved glamazon’s been researching fashion styles – probably to go along with her new album. Says RiRi: “In the past few months I’ve done a lot of research in the fashion world because I wanted to work with a bunch of designers that are kinda underground, people who aren’t the obvious.” RiRi’s even been spotted in some of my favorite designers: Gareth Pugh, McQueen, and Rick Owens. Way to work the goth chic.

If you ask me, RiRi out-fierces Beyonce’s any day. Rihanna is so high fashion it’s sickening. To me, being high fashion means anticipating the photograph – you always look like an editorial. Little miss Beyonce has no innate fashion sense. But does she need one? This bitch could sing an album of Nutritional Facts and I would buy it. Rihanna’s a fashion icon, and B’s a voice-box.

But B u still my girl, though!


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