Praise The Lord! New Karl Lagerfeld Couture Helmet Hits The Boutiques

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At long last, fashion’s lord and savior Karl Lagerfeld has released an exclusive line of couture helmets. Following the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, Lagerfeld teamed up with Les Ateliers Ruby for a one-off collection of luxury biker helmets. Yay! I’ve always hated helmets, and it’s the #1 reason I refuse to ride a bike. But, like, these are ultra fierce. They even come with an iPod connector! Now you never have an excuse to be out of style on your Vespa. Unless, of course, you can’t afford the $6,800 price tag. In true luxury style, there are only 12 of these helmets in the world, which virtually guarantees that nobody will be as fabulous as you when you get to the party.

What’s really interesting about these helmets is the trickle down effect – now helmet designers the world over are going to go bananas about how to create interesting headgear. These helmets basically create a new market: the luxury helmet. So while you may not in fact be fabulous enough to buy a $7,000 helmut, don’t fret! H&M is sure to come out with a $50 one in 2010!

That’s why I go against scholars and people like Walter Benjamin who argue that fashion’s greatest power is it’s ability to predict the future. Fashion doesn’t so much predict the future as it tells us what we are going to want. Imagine having that kind of power.


My Rent Or A New Prada Handbag?!?? – How Luxury Runs Our Lives

November 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ll never forget the day I bought my first shirt at Dior Homme. It was a totally transcendental experience. These were the days of Hedi Slimane, the hottest menswear designer on the planet. I would often go to the New York boutique just to see Hedi’s pieces in person. I was too poor to afford anything, and I didn’t have a credit card to max out. If I save, I thought, I could buy that $4,000 leather jacket. But even by the time I could save enough, we would already be beyond that season. Then, of course, Slimane left Dior so, so I had to act fast or miss out.

When I bought that shirt, I felt like I was taking a piece of Hedi home with me. I thought that the right people would see the shirt and know that I was wearing Dior. That I, too, was fabulous. What I’m finding in my dissertation research on performances of glamour and luxury is that this is a real experience – a real feeling that most people lust after, one that’s easier to achieve than ever before. « Read the rest of this entry »

New Jennifer Lopez Song – “Louboutins”

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Jennifer Lopez is back, ya’ll, and with a new album come March 2010. It won’t be as interesting as anything Lady Gaga would do, obviously, but if the lead single is any indication, it will definitely sell like hotcakes.

JLO performed “Louboutin’s,” the first single off the album at the 2009 American Music Awards. The song is basically about a woman who’s with a “part time lover,” like all pop songs are.  J.Lo is so sick of him she leaves his ass, hitting us with the red-hot chorus: “I’m moving on – I’m throwin’ on my Louboutin’s” which she repeats ten times.

For those of you who don’t know him, Christian Louboutin is the infamous French stiletto designer extraordinaire who makes larger-than-life high heels with an iconic red sole.

So when JLO says, “I’m throwin on my Louboutin’s,” it’s about power! What’s more powerful than a high-heel??  I guess it’s supposed to mean something like, “Bitch, I am not sad. I’m sick and tired of your shit. Watch me click clack right on out of here, and in style, too.” That phrase – “I’m moving on – I’m throwin on my Louboutin’s” – is going to be the next “If you like it then you shoudda put a ring on it.” You read it here first.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance + Interview on Jay Leno

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I’m really starting to like this Lady Gaga! Natch, when she first exploded onto the scene I ignored her, but I secretly loved what she was doing with fashion; I loved that she called herself a performance artist; and I loved her Andy Warhol style interviews. This girl knows how to work the media, and that’s her most Warholian trait. But I haven’t seen her give any wild, deadpan interviews lately – maybe she’s past that by now? With this performance on Jay last night and her new emphasis on monsters, I think that we have a Lady Gaga who is really doing her own thing.

Say What?! Janet Jackson and Colin Ferrell TOGETHER!

November 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

There’s a new celebrity couple in the midst. Colin Ferrell and Janet Jackson have apparently been seen romantical together. Move over, Brangelina!

Even More Proof Project Runway L.A. Sucked

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In case you didn’t already know, Project Runway on Lametime really sucked, and now the ratings are in to prove it! On Thursday night, 4.2 million viewers tuned in for the finale (I was not one of them). That’s only a touch smaller than the 4.8 million who watched the season five finale on Bravo. But a dip in ratings is a dip in ratings.

This is why you don’t fuck up the formula: Project Runway is about New York. It’s about drama. It’s about Nina.

I’m telling you, season seven better be off the chain. Meanwhile, watch Project Catwalk and Project Runway Australia to get your fill of bitchy fashionness.

ALBUM REVIEW: Rihanna Is “Rated R,” And As Fierce As Ever

November 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

One of the things I love about Rihanna is how she’s transformed from the relatively anonymous bubble gum “S.O.S.” singer to a “goth rock chic” style icon/mega-pop star. It’s almost like she got tired of being compared to Beyoncé, and hired the best PR and marketing people to reinvent her image. At first, I completely avoided Rihanna because she was too popular. But then I saw her perform “Disturbia” on some awards show, dressed in a couture cloud of total darkness, and I was completely stunned. Wow, I thought, Rihanna is the complete package of style icon and pop-star.

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